Chef Dominique’s Team

Ranee Randall
  • Table Scaping 99%
  • Food architecture 100%
  • Parallel Parking 92%

Ranee Randall

Co-owner & Head Chef

Ranee is a graduate of the Mitchell Culinary Institute. She has over 20 years experience in the food service industry is passionate about food presentation, tablescaping and food architechture. She strives to make every event beautiful and unique.

Chef Dominique Fontenille
  • Knife Skills 98%
  • Cooking Skills 100%
  • French Accent 96%

Chef Dominique Fontenille

Owner and Chef

South Dakota’s Favorite French Chef

Chef Dominique is not only one of the youngest graduates of the French culinary acadameny the “Ecole Hotelière de Saint Chamond”, he is also a great chef and wonderful person. He strives to please each and every customer by catering to their desires to make sure each event is perfection. He credits his sucess to his team, and has lead the great team at Chef Dominique’s for over a decade.

Jessica Fontenille
  • Planning 100%
  • Customization 98%
  • Landscaping 94%

Jessica Fontenille

Owner and Event Coordinator

Jess has over 20 years experience in the food service industry and has always loved catering and being able to make each event unique. She is sure to help you make your wedding, corporate party or cocktail unforgettable.

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